A Word From Toby on COVID-19:

In these challenging times of navigating uncertainty and even hardships, we are alone together with a remarkable opportunity to clear the old frequencies of fear, separation and dis-ease in our personal lives, to consciously up-level the collective. 

To our loved ones, our community, our supporters and everyone else out there, know that safety lies in our unified strength. Focused thoughts, feelings and actions co-create reality. Now is the time to dig up the ‘weeds’, plant our gardens of change, and nurture a higher-vibrational world for all to flourish. 

"Where we go one, we go all."

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Meet Toby, Renaissance Woman

Toby Evans, Owner and Operator of SageBrush Exchange, has consistently and repeatedly changed the course of her industry.  Recently, her company was featured prominently in an influential Times Square ad campaign in New York City.  Its primary purpose was to announce and promote her upcoming, special podcasting event:  Soul-Bridge with Toby Evans.  Part podcast, part documentary, this groundbreaking program will strive to spread the beliefs, teachings and powerful message of Toby and her successful SageBrush Exchange.

In addition to this, Toby was recently the subject of a riveting news article which was featured in the mainstream media, including ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates throughout the country.  With another three articles scheduled to come out before the end of 2019, it is clear that Toby Evans is having a good year indeed!